Home Tour: Welcome to my Crib

Another long overdue blog post! We moved into our new condo in June 2019 and hired our friend, Meredith Blount, of Sustainably Pretty to design and decorate. Why? Well, I don’t always have an eye for these kind of things and can fall into fast trends and cheaply made pieces. We knew that this condo was going to be a house we could stay in for a while, so we wanted to decorate it that way. The other reason was because we were stumped! The completely open concept living room, dining room, and kitchen is exactly what we wanted, but we couldn’t figure out how to place our furniture. It’s actually really difficult when you don’t have any walls! Meredith is a fellow South Boston MOMS Club member and mother of a two year old daughter, Izzy. She started Sustainably Pretty as a side project while she worked full time as a lawyer. She is passionate about sustainable designs and pieces that are long lasting! And that is exactly what we loved.

Before Photos:

When we originally toured this condo, we loved it, but we didn’t think that it was the one. It had been on and off of the market a few times and didn’t have the extra bonus room that we wanted. It did check every other box – new construction, two parking spots, the East side of South Boston, and all on one level. It actually seemed to good to be true. We finally decided to make a low offer and negotiate a price – and it worked!

The After Photos:

Please remember that I’m not a photographer! I took all of these pictures on a new camera and have no idea what I’m doing! haha!

The Living Room

This is the heart of our house – it’s completely open to the kitchen and dining space and has a fireplace that we love to sit in front of. We knew we were going to mount the TV above it, but we were having a hard time deciding which shape couch to get. Meredith came up with a few different ideas and we ended up deciding on a sectional in the L shape. For couches Meredith recommended the brand Joybird which we had never heard of. After learning about their sustainably efforts and how they plant trees for each order placed, we were sold! Our couch is from the Holt Collection in the Royal Cobalt color. Once we had the couch selected everything else started to come into place.

Living Room Pieces: Rug, Ottomans, New Legs for Ottomans, Throw for Couch, Similar End Table, Similar Nesting End Tables

The Kitchen

This is the space that sold us. It’s expansive and has beautiful finishes. My favorite part is the waterfall quartz countertops and the large “built in” refrigerator. I didn’t even know that something this practical existed!

Kitchen Pieces: Runner, Counter Stools, Planter Holder, Candleholders Used As Planters

Dining Room

Our dining room still needs a little bit of TLC, but I’m waiting for the right piece to hang on the wall. This is where we eat almost every meal – Everly refuses to sit in a special chair or high chair. She loves being able to sit on the bench. And the one of the planters behind the table needs to be redone – of course I killed it! Haha

This West Elm table gets so many compliments! We originally purchased it for our last place and love the way it looks with the reclaimed wood. It also comes in different shades if you’d prefer a lighter wood look.

Dining Room Pieces: Table, Benches, Chairs, Rug, Planters, Light Fixture

Everly’s Bedroom

Everly’s bedroom is such a sweet room. The only direction that I gave to Meredith was that we wanted it to match Everly’s personality – bubbly, outgoing, and bright. We kept her crib and glider the same, but painted her shelves and dresser to match the wallpaper better. She loves the little nook area with soft rugs and pillows on the floor. Sometimes I’ll catch her reading to her stuffed animals in there alone – so sweet!

Everly’s Bedroom Pieces: Glider, Crib, Rug, Curtains, Shelves, Wallpaper, Canopy, Name Sign, Faux Fur Rugs

Guest Bathroom

Everything was pieced around this fun shower curtain. We wanted to keep with the theme of bright and fun for this bathroom. It’s technically the guest bathroom and Everly rarely uses it. We love having double sinks in here and the countertops/cabinets were continued from the kitchen.

Guest Bathroom Pieces: Shower Curtain (similar linked), Art Work, Faux Lemon Tree

Master Bedroom

Our master bedroom is a work in progress! We didn’t want to buy a new bed just yet, so we still have our old headboard from our last house. The bedroom has huge windows and we had plantation shutters installed over them. They look great and block out the light pretty well. Jake’s desk nook is in our bedroom – it needs some TLC but the carpentry looks amazing! We had shiplap installed and it’s such a great feature.

The floating nightstands are also custom built. They are stained to match the desk and pretty close to the color of our dresser. I love having the sconces on the sides of the bed too!

Master Bathroom

Double sinks, yes please! This bathroom is SUCH an upgrade from our last place. So much storage and a shower for 12 people sold us – haha! We changed out the hardware and the light fixtures – thankful we hired an electrician for that!

We also have a guest room but it’s turned into half playroom half video game room, so I’ll spare you the photos!

The best feature of this house is the STORAGE! We have extra storage above every closet and plenty of extra closets. It’s something we knew we needed, but didn’t think was possible living in the city.

Let me know what you think!



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