Everly’s Potty Training Accessories

Phew! We survived day one of potty training. I’m planning to do a full write up of our experience in the next few weeks, but I wanted to post a few of the accessories we have and the book I read ahead of time.

We are following the Oh Crap Method – the book was really easy to read. There’s a few things I’m doing differently (we’ll see how they work), but the principles of the book are my main guidelines.

A few friends of mine recommended accessories to have on hand before potty training. I purchased MONTHS ago when I thought I was ready haha! Here’s what we have:

Little Potty for Home

We chose this potty because of it’s simple look and easy to clean design. This is the potty that has been living in our kitchen while we potty train. She can easily run over and sit on it by herself and hasn’t been afraid of it at all!

Travel Potty

This potty has bags that attach for toilet trips on the go. I can see us using this ALL of the time at the park because ours doesn’t have a restroom. Planning to keep it in the stroller and car when we take trips. It also folds and works on top of a regular toilet seat. This one comes with super absorbent liners for the bags, so you’re not just carrying around a bag of pee.

Waterproof Bags for wet/dirty clothes

I’m keeping one bag in the diaper bag and one bag in the car in case of emergencies. I’m also keeping towels, extra clothing, wipes, and little trash bags in the car.


Everly has been interested in potty training for a couple months. We bought her a couple books including an Elmo one to familiarize her with potty training. Now that she’s on the potty a lot of the day we have been reading a ton! Keep a stack of books close by.

A New Cup

One of the things mentioned in the Oh Crap book was filling your kid up with water/juice, etc to get them to go potty. It’s not exactly a part of the method, but I can see why parents do it. Everly got a new tumbler cup that she’s been excited about and loves drinking out of. I added a splash of lemonade and she’s gone about 7-8 times today!

Flushable Wipes

She hasn’t pooped on the potty yet, but I have these on hand incase she does! I would also recommend antibacterial and sanitizing wipes!


Keep plenty of towels/puppy pads on hand. I ordered these bed pads to have on my new rug and couch. You can never be too prepared!

Is there anything I’m missing?! Let me know in the comments 🙂



*This post contains affiliate links – I’ll make a small commission if you shop through one of my links!

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