Weekend in Review: HFD

Let’s be honest. Every day is the weekend for Everly & I (sahmlife), but we look forward to Saturday all week because we get 48 uninterrupted hours with Dadda! This weekend could not have been more perfect and we spent every second spoiling him.

Friday night we treated ourselves to a family dinner at our most favorite family date night spot in Southie, Capo. Lots of wine for the parents and lots of meatballs for the babe. If you’re looking for a family friendly restaurant in Southie, Capo is our #1. And trust me… we’ve tried them all. They pass out adorable baby onesies that say “Mini Meatball”, the music is loud enough to not hear any cries, and the menu is perfectly “kid-friendly”. The other reason, ok maybe the main reason, that we go to Capo is for the gelato. Peanut butter chocolate gelato…. heaven 🙌🏻

The weather on Saturday was perfect – summer is definitely here to stay. We had Everly’s besties 1st birthday party in the burbs. Lots of sunshine, splashes in the kiddie pools and cake!

Then we took off for the Cape to spend time relaxing poolside.

I grew up going to my Grandmom & Granddad’s pool, so I’m super happy that Everly is able to make similar memories at her Grampy’s pool. Actually both of her Grandpa’s have awesome pools – this kid really has the best life. 3 months of swim lessons definitely paid off 😂 – she loves the water!

We had two delicious dinners – one Saturday night in Mashpee Commons and one Sunday night at the country club. After dinner, Everly and I were sad to say bye to Dadda – he had to catch a flight to the west coast for work.

How was your Father’s Day weekend? What did you do to celebrate the dads in your life?



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